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Mobile device usage is growing at a phenomenal rate and mobile Internet usage surpassed desktop Internet usage in 2014 for the first time ever. This is a significant development and shows how important a mobile presence really is.

A significant proportion of mobile Internet traffic comes from mobile applications, so the potential for increased brand awareness and new customer acquisition is huge, something that your business may be missing out on.

It can sometimes be difficult to visualise where a mobile application might fit within your organisation and your current marketing strategy, or indeed whether your business offers the products or services that would justify the development of a mobile application. Affinity Cloud can help clarify the details and advise you on the best course of action.

If you have a retail business or eCommerce website, a dedicated mobile application may be just the ticket to get your customers purchasing your products via their mobile devices, in turn increasing your profits.

Alternatively, you may have a great idea for a mobile app (a game, a business tool or a subscription service) but require assistance in developing your idea further. If so, we can help.

Nowadays, every man and his dog seems to have a mobile application but turning a mobile application in to a commercial success and getting the best return on investment possible can be a daunting and difficult task without the right knowledge and experience to back up your investment. That's where Affinity Cloud come in. We can help you develop a mobile app marketing strategy that is laser focused on achieving the best results possible.

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